Romance yet create laughter

What two words are common between "When Harry met Sally", "The Wedding Planner" and "Valentine's Day". That' was an easy question isn't it? - "Romantic Comedy". Yup, if you still did not get it, all these movies portray a man and a woman coming together either by chance or fate or destiny and create chaos and confusion out of nothing and then go on to make one hell out of a ending to perfectly written stories.

Well, for that matter, what's a movie without even a pinch of comedy in it? Even the most dreaded Predator movie had its try at the Predator laughing at the end, well not exactly comic, OK those one liner jokes that they say in the movie, those definitely made us smile at least. And for that matter, the three movies that I have listed above there are the ones which I'd say are the Best Romantic Comedies till date. I'd write more on comedies soon but that will feature different movies altogether. Now, some showbiz info on what makes romantic comedies work.

First things, it's the chemistry between the lead pair. Some moments will have instantaneous laughter to be portrayed and the very next instant, they'll be required to cry! There is also a descriptive list of the top ten romcoms out there, if you are interested! There are so many out there and so much time with us and all we have to do is to spare some for letting ourselves lose and laugh!


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