Knowing all about Loren Weisman - the Music man

On a totally different note today; I was thinking to write about something or someone who should be an inspiration to all those budding talents around the world.

So, I was wandering in search of one man who I can write about and share as much information I learn about him so that people can be inspired to do something good and great to the Show Biz world. I hit upon this book titled 'The Artist’s Guide to Success in the Music Business' - was interesting and then I went on to learn about its Author Loren Weisman. Now, If you haven't heard the term Music man associated with a person who has done so much to the music industry - Loren Weisman is the man to reckon. He is an accomplished music producer, author and speaker. About him - he has worked on hundreds of albums, studio productions, and tours as both a drummer and Music Producer, he gained a spectrum of insight on the music industry as a whole. The book which I talked about for those aspiring musicians who want to pursue a successful career in music and to those who want learn about the Music Business and get to know what fruitful they can do to it and in turn how music will help them over their lifetime. Know it all from the man who has made sense of an industry which many of them have used only to make money.


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