Eager to see the 'New' Catwoman

Yes I am and I would certainly say, if you are reading this blog entry of mine, then you, very much like me, are eager to see the 'New' Catwoman in the epic conclusive movie The Dark Knight Rises. So, I was wandering on the Internet hoping to catch some news and stuff related to the latest and (hopefully) final edition of Batman and also get to know about the Catwoman - her (not revealed yet) costume more than Batman himself. I landed at the Cat-Tales Blog chrisdeecattales.wordpress.com which is quite exciting and fun to read because the authors over there are not only so much fascinated about the antics that the new Catwoman character's artist 'Anne Hathway' does with her real costumes but they also are pretty much knowledgeable about the entire history of The Definitive Catwoman!.

I was reading this blog for about two days now and today's entry, I must talk about it here. It was so amusing and it primarily focused on the Catwoman's look with a sarcastic take and talk about the goggles that the new Catwoman costume is made of - on the official picture of the Batman Rises.

The Catwoman of Chris Dee's Cat-Tales response to the picture of Anne Hathaway goggle costume from The Dark Knight Rises

So, I was eager to see the New Catwoman and for now, I have had my share of news and history of the Catwoman from the Cat-tales blog. Time for you to have your share.


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