The Dark Knight Legend - We are already hooked !

Every Legend has a Journey. Every Journey has an End. These are the opening lines of The Dark Knight Rises - the much talked about trailer for over a month now and boy, are we hooked up like anything else. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube were filled with posts, tweets and videos that 'looked' similar to the original Dark Knight Rises official trailer but were all removed quite soon quoting that they are fake and that Warner Bros wanted them to be removed because people should not be following false information.

But this week, seems I got lucky, I got all the Batman News at one single blog - gothamtrending - which was quite exciting to read on because there are news which I didn't read about on any other place on the Internet.

I got to watch the official teaser trailer for the first time on this blog. Boy was I excited to the core about a Batman movie which would have an Epic conclusion to the Legend. I got to know the latest filming news about the Epic movie and more news about the Catwoman to be featured on the movie by none other than Anne Hathway. Talk about more The Dark Knight Rises and I would recommend only the gothamtrending blog for exciting news and buzz on the (supposed to be) final edition of the Batman Saga.

Here is a quick view of the video of the Teaser Trailer - thanks to gothamtrending for more news on the Arkham Asylum.


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