Slurping up the Fun - Literally

We all like to have fun. Fun is an integral part of life for all of us and without which, there is no big meaning of us going to work and raising up families. But there's little that we can do to have fun by ourselves because we need catalysts to pep up the reaction of fun. Catalysts for fun are those things that aide us to have fun. Stuff such as the funny Giant Fake Moustache or the Charlie Boy Pacifier - as below.

Wondering where I found all such strange stuff ? That is quite easy. I was searching for some fun stuff to make a little fun at my niece's birthday bash, I hit upon the FunSlurp website where all such stuff and things are available that just make us laugh just as we look at them. Check out the Gag Gifts & Pranks section which is exclusive to making fun of yourself or your close ones. Slurp up the fun - in true sense.


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