Bizarre Marketing explained

Show Biz requires a lot of marketing. Indeed. But, people or companies sometimes become crazy and come up with really bizarre marketing ideas which are very new and some immediately catch people's attention and go viral while some become duds and stay back in the storage space forever without hogging and as a matter of fact, not receiving any limelight.

Here, I wanted to share some of them which really worked. But before I wanted to share, I found this really good article on 15 Bizarre Marketing Campaigns that Worked and that article is a great one which clearly explains to us what those marketing campaigns really mean and why they become so popular.

For a Show Biz product marketing example, there is the Blair Witch project which was shot at a budget of $60,000 but made $248.6 million worldwide.

Clearly, it was marketing that made this film to be awaited for with much intense moments by people like us. Some Bizarre Marketing ideas. Check out US Data Corporation for more such info and other marketing ideas that common business and niche businesses can succeed in.


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