Know which Celebrtity is doing what

Celebrities.. yeah, photographers are always behind them right? Its simple because we as Showbiz fans really want to know what they are doing every minute in the day (not in the nights though ;)) and the real reason is simple because they are celebrities and people want to know such info which keeps them cool amongst their friend circles so that they can do their bit of show off.

Now, there was this friend of mine who said he spotted a celebrity without make - up and claimed to have seen many other popular celebrities without make up as well. That took me back because I hadn't seen any so far but I claimed to be the source of all celebrity related information to my friends and they all look forward to Show Biz Blog for more info. That day, my friend took it all away.

Then, I searched the whole Internet and found TV Smack Talk to be his source of info and all Celebrity Gossip info.

After that day, my turn to become the source of all Celebrity related info came back and I haven't lost to any after that. TV Smack Talk is unique because people's comments become the blog itself and there was the Kim Kardashian Bachelorette Party Photos which were stunning. If you want to know first hand information about Hollywood Gossip then you know which is the right place now.


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