Watch your favorite shows - live on Internet!

We at ShowBiz strive our best to bring you the best from the world of ShowBiz, entertainment and Hollywood. In this post, we wanted to take one step further and bring our readers the best of the Internet when it comes to serving entertainment content.

If you have already guessed what we mean, you are very smart. If you haven't, you are just like me :-). I'm talking about watching live TV shows on the Internet, yes you read it right, live TV, on the Internet! When I was talking about this topic the other day, I was laughed at saying there is no provider that just gives away live and satellite content for free.

I took that fun as a challenge and wanted to showcase it on ShowBiz when I come across a free Satellite TV provider.... and here we are! Satellite TV Online is a great website which is a streaming TV Portal where you can just tap in and see all live TV streams. From TNT to ESPN sports to BBC world, I found just about everything that I wanted to see live, instead of paying $100s in cable bills every month! Here's what you will see on their website -

It is a great place for all ShowBiz fans to see HBO, CINEMAX, STARZ, SHOWTIME and my all time favourite Comedy Central. So, all you TV crazy and entertainment fans out there waiting to see it on the Internet, you know where to go for all Satellite Streams.


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