Amazons Smash Hit ‘BACK STABBER’ - The Highly Impressive, Low Budget TV Show

The newest series on Amazon is something you must see to believe!

If you haven’t already seen it, it’s a must see, so take some time out each day and watch the 22 minute episodes. Nevertheless, if you love it or hate it, the message behind it is something we all need right now. The two co-producers, 27-year-old Ryan Zamo and 25-year-old Jordan Fraser, have mentioned being bullied after coming out at 16. The show centers around acceptance, anti-bullying and equality, and with the increasing mass killings in America the show has come at the right time.

So about the overall series... we agree with mostly every other review right now. ‘Back Stabber’ is low budget, and you can tell in the first few episodes, but the producers impeccable marketing is in our opinion what is making it so popular. Campaigning the series as “a low budget, big passion” project , is hitting home with viewers, and you can’t help but to love every second of it after knowing the incredible story behind the show.

Ryan Zamo wrote the story 7 years ago, and tried to get anyone in Hollywood to produce it, after 6 years of hearing “no thanks”, Zamo decided to do it himself, he said, “The message behind it was something that needed to be seen by the world, and we wrote these messages into the show in a way that isn’t obvious, its subtler and sort of subconscious. We hope viewers will fall in love with the relationship between the characters; the straight guys love their gay friends, white friends love their black friends, the rich love the poor and so on. They never contemplate their friendship based on what they are, what they believe in or what their background is. They all just accept each other for who they are.”

So for such a low budget project, why is everyone saying ‘Back Stabber’ will sweep the Golden Globes? Well, Zamo co- produced the show with Jordan Fraser for under $2,000. The two of them did every single job themselves, including filming, casting, wardrobe, editing, sound etc. The driven co-producers didn’t know anything about post-production, and spent over a year teaching themselves the ins and out of it, and that is what makes the show absolutely amazing.

If you watch ‘Back Stabber’ knowing all of the blood, sweat and tears that went into it, you will not even notice it’s major hiccups. And like anything else, the more the series goes on and the more they learned, the better the quality gets. Matt Vella from Time Magazine said it the best, “Let me clarify that it’s not the quality or editing of ‘Back Stabber’ that deserves recognition and awards, it’s the back story and passion behind it that needs to be seen by the public, these 2 prove that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.”

‘Back Stabber’ has been accumulating massive press over the past 3 weeks since its release. With major media outlets embracing the message of the show, it has picked up serious steam, and has smashed the record with its low-budget success. As the show continues to exponentially grow, its IMDB page jumped from #355,000 in popularity to #40,000 in 2 weeks, and with no budget for advertising and marketing, that’s extremely impressive to do. So, that’s our review of it. Watch for yourself and see what you think, should it win at the Golden Globes?

‘Back Stabber’ is available on Amazon now, is free to stream with Amazon Prime, and can be downloaded without an Amazon account.


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