A platform dedicated for the film makers

Showbiz is amongst the most promising industries since they value skills of an individual which helps their industry grow. Film industry has always stayed on the cards of the most lucrative career since it’s a medium which bought entertainment to each and every person. There are many forms of entertainment but till date we see films have portrayed more than what other mediums have done. Filming a movie is a huge task and after all the hard work if it’s reach is not what the director expected it will bring him and the production down. The business is full of many ups and downs but there are many films which have the goodness in it but still can’t reach the people because they lack the platform from where they can reach their desired audience. 

The Culver City Film Festival is providing the right platform for the films which helps films makers showcase their work to the world. The entries are open and it’s easy to submit the works since the submissions are online. The Film festival has a wide range of genres and categories include: Animation, Documentary, Experimental, Fantasy, Fiction, Horror, Indie, and both short and feature films. When we caught up with the Festival Director Jon Gursha he was confident that many film makers will be able to use this platform to the fullest. The Culver City Film Festival is located in Los Angeles and we expect a lot of celebrity will be there to witness this Film festival. For submitting your entries checkout http://culvercityfilmfestival.com/submissions/ 


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