A novel for modern lovers

Showbiz industry is amongst most productive business across the globe only because of entertainment. Entertaining millions of people across the globe is not an easy task since each person has his own likes and dislikes. Despite these challenges the industry has kept their momentum on the high. There are many forms of entertainment like Films, Books, TV series, music, dance and so on. The most widely known forms of entertainment is Books and we can call it was the start for entertainment too. Since mostly books were the widely used medium in those to spread awareness and entertain people. 

 The books play a pivotal role in everyone’s life since we have grown using them all these years may be now we are in an era where everything is becoming virtual. But still there are people who like to read novels and find it more amusing and entertaining than other forms. There are many genres of books available and it depends on what we like to read. I am huge fan of romantic novels and I recently came across a novel “The Big Wide Calm”. The novel is written by Rich Marcello who is creative in his writing which is acclaimed by Modern lovers. It’s a story about a Paige a rock star who has the drive to change the world with her music. John Bustin is the other character in the novel who is a former semi-famous singer and songwriter who offers to record Paige's album for free. The story is revolves around the complexity of love though the eyes of young and old on a journey to create the perfect album which is filled with some human emotions. The destiny of Paige and John is all about creating the perfect album which will show the world a difference in music.You can follow Rich Marcello and keep yourself updated with his latest novels by following in his Twitter @marcellor


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