Learn English App

Nowadays people want something entertaining in whatever they do. There are many ways of entertainment and with the advancements of latest technologies we are able to see drastic changes in the industry. Social media and smart phones making a cut into the present lifestyle have opened lots of opportunities. In showbiz today we came across a mobile application which allows us to learn and stay entertained simultaneously. The app allows you to learn English easily since it has been translated in 23 languages. 

The learning experience has reached a new level with the inclusion of over 6000 images which illustrates symbolic representation of the words. The pronunciation recording and phonetic transcription of the words helps in easy understanding of the vocabularies. There are games included in this app which allows you to stay entertained while you learn. There are many categories to choose from which allows you to enhance your learning experience. The app doesn't require internet connection to run it. Now it’s easy to learn English vocabulary with your smart phones on the go. This is one amazing app which will helps in easy understanding of vocabularies which will enhance in easy communication. 


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