Actor Matthew Gonzales tattoos and eyeball on his forehead

Hollywood is a dream for many of us but only few make the cut and standout. There are many dreamers who are extremely talented but they remain unnoticed since creating a unique image is what will make you successful in Hollywood. There are many events carried out by celebs to standout from the rest like publishing their scandals or publicity stunts. This helps in bringing up their profile from the bottom and covers lot of media attention. Recently I came across a picture of Actor Matthew Gonzales who had an eyeball tattoo on his forehead. 

It was one of the shocking publicity stunts ever witnessed in Hollywood. The actor had done several TV series was keen on making a reputation in Hollywood. By his recent actions there was a huge buzz in the media of his tattoo. According to his IMDB page, Matthew Gonzales's notable acting credits are 'The Strain' a horror TV Series scheduled to be released this summer on FX and 'The Angel Inn Movie'. Hollywood is the best place to be there when it comes entertain the world but it ain’t an easy cake walk like it seems from the outside.   


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