Celebrity Tweets

Celebrity Tweets

We all know what Twitter is; a micro blogging social networking website. Quite a bit of us use it to stay in touch and to keep our friends and family members posted on what is happening in their lives. It is also used by many people to keep track of their favorite companies, groups, celebrities etc. But one very common use of twitter is by celebrities for letting their fans know what is going on. These celebrity tweets are a big part of the twitter network and provide reach into target audiences through Celebrity Endorsements on Twitter.

It is true that we are social creatures with the need to interact with friends and family on a regular basis. New technology provides us with ways and means to do this every day. First it was email, then came along MySpace and Facebook and now it is twitter that is carrying the majority of social networking fans and fanatics.

Twitter is different from Facebook in a number of ways. Facebook allows for interactions on a larger scale than does twitter and it has a number of ways for people to spend time online. It is packed with games, ads, groups and so much to do where Twitter is not so full of applications. This by no means indicates that twitter is boring because it is quite far from boring to be frank. Twitter’s main thing is the status update and while it is available on Facebook it is not the focal point of that social networking website.

With twitter, celebrities and other people have the opportunity to just say whatever is on their mind at the time. A lot of times the comments can be downright funny, stupid or really weird. This is especially true of the larger celebrities and as such many people use twitter to get their funny bone tickled by reading some Celebrity Tweets.

Right now you can find a number of websites that have the most hilarious tweets from celebrities for 2011 or the dumbest tweets etc. People flock to these websites in droves because they want to see what they are saying by searching Twitter for Celebrity Tweets. Twitter really leaves you out in the open and sometimes we have to wonder if these celebrities think before they post their thoughts online.

Though celebrities have Facebook pages those fans can visit from time to time twitter allows them an easier way to constantly know what is going on with their favorite celebrity by browsing Celebrity Tweets. But that is not the only reason people are hoarding celebrity tweets. Businesses are now using them to advertise and the celebrities are really benefiting with one tweet having the potential for bringing in $25,000!!!

Why would anyone pay a celebrity so much money for a couple words? - Because of how the Twitter platform functions. When the celebrity sends a tweet it is not only their followers that see it. People who have tagged that as their point of interest will also see the tweet and so you don’t even have to be following a person to see the Celebrity Tweets. This means that twitter has a wider scope of reach where advertising is connected and since it is instant your ad is viewed immediately all over the world. If you are interested in buying Celebrity Tweets then i highly reccomend TalentEndorsements.com


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