Social and entertaining News

Well, here is some treat to all those Social Media fans who look out for "entertaining news" rather than "entertainment news". One of my friends in one of my Social networking sites' had shared this website and I just couldn't resist being amazed about the super fast delivery of news on that website on just about everything in social media and the Internet industry.

On this website is where I learned about Blackberry's brief outage of services and how they are coping up to the frustrations of their customers and resolving the issue. That website is one of the top sites out there. The latest buzz is that a new music service is going to be launched by the Internet Giant, yeah we all know about whom I am talking about now!. So, people are free to share any great and even not so great news to the world out there and let others decide if it should get a thumbs up or a thumbs down and spread the word across the social media world.


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