The Catwoman writer and the costume

Agreed. I think of the costume whenever I think of Catwoman as the character. Of course, I believe that I'm doing it right because that is the reason why these characters are even made - to make a visual impact on people's eyes so that they do not forget the characters of the movie that starred them even though they might not remember the entire plot of the movie.

One such character is that of Catwoman. She has been quite an invisible personality in the movies starred with the Batman Saga of movies. But, the character of Catwoman has been remembered by almost all of us who has watched Batman movies which starred this character. Catwoman writer Chris Dee is a person who has publised various books related to cats. This information was taken and a co-relation with which the Catwoman character was done which resulted in another book which is steadily popularity.

I do believe that this is mostly due to the appeal of Batman and Catwoman themselves that keeps people wanting for more news on them, with special emphasis on the Catwoman.


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