Icon News - quality TV News

Gone are days when we used to excitingly wait for the TV show in our cable televisions and then watch it with double excitement. But, after reading about Icon News, I am taking back that statement. The days of quality celebrity news are back again because it is hosted by one of the most celebrated hosts - Lew Marklin. For those of you who don't know who Lew Marklin is, he was the former, Emmy Nominated star host of ADHDtv (2007-2009) and appeared in ABC's Robbery Homicide Division in 2002. Many do not know, but Marklin appeared on the Arsenio Hall show and Into the Night with Rick Dees, as a 17 year old rapper in 1990!

Lew Marklin is back as the host of a new TV show this fall on Dish Network, TUFF TV and other networks.

The show, as I said before, is called Icon News and features today's hottest Hollywood Celebrity Icons in studio, around town and on the Red Carpet with Sheri Nadel. Some sneak peeks are available on You Tube including Lil J, Adam Lambert, Ross Mathews, Eric Roberts, Kaya Jones, Justin Beiber and more! I can excitedly say that this show is the new TMZ, and with a positive message; it sure is a must see. The whole family can sit back and enjoy the show as Lew Marklin will take it through Hollywood Celebrities (some videos are already on YouTube!) and be an inspiration for many juniors to come.


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