Catch the latest movie reviews

Honestly, I read reviews first before catching up on a movie that is totally new in terms of its director or cast. But there are little websites out there that provide a short, crips and to the point movie reviews. I find very less trust-able movie reviews websites where there is a straight forward review coupled with what to expect and what not to.

Now, this "myth" of mine came to an end two weeks ago when I read about Limitless review on the site latest movie reviews. The review was crisp and that review made me to watch the movie at a theater and yeah, I was not disappointed. The movie was as the review said the movie will be. More to say, the reviews are very good and I decided that I should write about the website here. Moreover, you can watch english movies as well on the website. Catch up on what's hot and what's not. What has come and what is to come, right now!


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