ShowBiz spotlight: pure hip hop rap music by Fluid

Week over week, we at ShowBiz find new and upcoming artists by actively scanning new albums on  spotify and talking to our music fans alike and find out whom they are now listening and then make our own judgement and feature some of the artists here on ShowBiz blog!

So, with that introduction of ShowBiz spotlight, this week ShowBiz blog we feature an artist whose music we have deeply admired for his unique approach to hip hop and rap. Before we go into his current style, let's go back in time and look at his early life and all the admiration he has had for artists when he was young, who has inspired and influenced him and pulling him into the world of hip hop rap. 

As a young man group up, Fluid was heavily influenced by charttoppers Run DMC, E-40, Tech N9ne, Metallica and Linkin Park. He was inspired by all sorts of music – from hymns to nursery rhymes and jazz, and Fluid began rapping while at middle school! He subsequently took music lessons in high school and went on to perform at several talents shows, launching his career as a spectacular rapper with style, both on and off the stage. 

Ever since these took off, Fluid has since created his own musical path, and is involved in a number of projects – from a virtual reality series, to collaborative projects with other Bay Area rappers such as Cleetus Kasiody, and an artist from Brooklyn named Rawmel. He is a two time My Music Block TV Award Winner!

Right now, he is focused on finishing his solo EP project “Fluitopia”. Talking about his recent hits - his two singles he released earlier this year – “Land Of The Free” and “Major Leaguez” are unique and impactful in their own way. The latter track is very engaging with confident rhymes and some amazing production work. The song has a unique, rock-influenced, rap backdrop, where Fluid continues to flex his machine-gun flow and never misses a beat. 

We at ShowBiz couldn't stop raving about Major Leaguez track - mainly due to Fluid's versatility as a singer and also bringing out an energy packed song - a unique combination that not many rappers bring to the table these days. "Major Leaguez” is also loaded with effects and goodies that maintain the soundscape dynamic.

Check out the track right here on ShowBiz blog!

Fluid as an artist is growing in a big way and his music is currently getting spun on radio stations and clubs all over US - all adding credits to his lyrical themes, the beats and Fluid's vocals - aspects that makes him unique.

We at ShowBiz wish Fluid all the best for his upcoming releases and if you'd like to follow this amazing artist and connect with him - you can find him on Instagram at @fluid001 and watch all his videos on his YouTube channel fluid420. For direct contact and booking, you can simply email

You can listen to all of his tracks as well, right here on ShowBiz blog!


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