ShowBiz Spotlight: New Young Actor introduced: Daniel Bintsanya

The ShowBiz world is buzzing with new talent in the industry who are raring to go with loads of energy and are multi-talented than the previous generation. We focus on Daniel Bintsanya who has been recently introduced in the ShowBiz realm. We said multi-talented as there is an super exhaustive list of talents with Daniel. Here we go:  Acting, vocal, dance, piano, basketball, virtual arts and karate are some of the areas he has been focusing his energy on and we are in awe already!

Did we mention that he is only 9 years old?! Here he is:

Way to go young boy - striking a pose so casually like a rockstar already!

We have come to know that it was quite recently that Daniel was cast in the HBO Michael Che (from SNL) Sketch project and is awaiting call backs from several big auditions!

We all know Kevin McAllister from Home Alone series and it has been said that Daniel's real like character is much like Kevin in the series! Think about it for a second - a multi-talented super young actor who has already given auditions and is ready to go - we at ShowBiz wish him all the best and hope to see him rise like a star and we will come back and feature another spotlight on this great new talent.
Daniel's manager Mrs. T. Theresa Bastien can be contacted at: or phone: 647-474-6177 or

can be contacted at  



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