ShowBiz spotlight: Award winning artist and songwriter Shavonda Robinson

This week at ShowBiz we are putting our exclusive spotlight on record breaking and award-winning author Shavonda Robinson who has a lot of talent under her belt. Frankly, our breaths were taken when we learned about this star while putting together our list of artists whom we will feature here.

Shavonda Robinson

To start off with - she is a published songwriter, she is a published award-winning author, she is a spoken word artist, she is a fashion designer, and yes she runs her own business - Color Me Beautiful Forever. 

This is plain amazing that a person has so many talents and can juggle all the talents together and run a successful business as well. Personally, we find her vibrant and vivacious!

Here are some of her collections of art on mugs:

Girl Zone collection

More about Shavonda, she is also the owner of Create Something For The Future an poetry and art magazine which supports all upcoming artist's and poet's so that they have a recognition and a space for themselves to showcase showcase their works for the world and be celebrated for it!

She doesn't stop innovating and creating great new items for her followers and fans alike. And what's new from Shavonda today? She is premiering her latest Mug collection titled Splatter Splash and it is now available in her online store here - So what are we all waiting for? let's get to the store and get ourselves some great designs for our homes and offices and celebrate the talented Shavonda Robinson!


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