ShowBiz Spotlight: Hawallywood by Capo Corleone

This week at ShowBiz we put our spotlight on an interesting artist who has produced an EP with a super fancy name “Hawallywood”. For those of who guessed it that it is inspired from Hollywood, yes you are right, but what is with the first part of this? We found it out for you!

Capo Corleone is an international recording artist and radio personality based out of Los Angeles. He is also CEO of a recording studio. Such a multi-talented and skilled artist that he is, he had recently collaborated with B. Guille on this EP which is touted to be a masterpiece. The EP is following on the pair’s latest successful singles, “Paid” and “Don’t Play,” which have both gained recognition from the duo’s international fan base.

Talking about the name for this EP, it has been inspired from the pair’s time being apart of “Hawals” which was an international group of musicians and entrepreneurs, and Capo Corleone since moved to Hollywood. Hence the inspirational EP title!

The EP has got some nice tunes, “Paid” and “3AM” being our favorites of the album! You can listen to the EP Hawallywood on Spotify right away and also follow the star Capo Corleone on Instagram to catch up on his life and his upcoming works.


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