Hong Kong’s Best Film Awards

The Hong Kong best film awards represents the best of the best in the regions cinema and the international cinema that introduces master story tellers and artists.

This awards ceremony was founded in 2011 and is known for recognizing all achievements in the filmmaking career. Such achievements would include acting, screenwriting, directing and cinematography. The Hong Kong best film awards is the second biggest event in Hong Kong’s film industry. The voting season runs from January to March of every year. It’s open to all registered voters in the film making field. To be eligible for the awards ceremony you have to have a film no shorter than an hour long and it has to be produced within the previous year. 

The film has to have two of these three elements to be consider.
·         Must have a director that is from Hong Kong or have Asian descent
·         At least one film company is from Hong Kong or owned by somebody with Asian descent
·         Or at least six of the production crew is from Hong Kong

In January they determine the five nominees for each award, and in the event of a tie they will nominate two to five. They are then announced in February, after which the election is held. Voting for the second round is only open to 50 adjudicators, the executive committee members of the awards ceremony, and the members of the thirteen professional film companies. For each vote from the film companies they hold a higher ranking when voting for a film produced by them.

Unlike the Awards ceremonies that are held in the United States. This awards ceremony is not open to the public for voting. The ones allowed to vote actually have a vested interest in whether or not they win. Making it kind of like an unbiased opinion of the movie or actor for that awards category. Since it’s an unbiased opinion the awards ceremony is a review of the actor’s abilities and the abilities of the directors by peer review. Making this a very important awards ceremony for the Hong Kong film industry. There are many awards featured for this ceremony such as best film, best actor, best actress, best screenplay, best new performer and about 5 other award categories. It is an honor to be nominate into one of the categories and an even greater honor to be chosen for one of the awards.


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