Catch Celebrities sharing photos!

This is no longer the autograph age. This is the photograph age! Over many events which I witnessed, I hardly find people who run behind celebrities to get their autograph and the special signature. They run behind celebrities to click a picture of themselves with the showbiz personality whom they are crazy about. Sometimes, if they just found a celebrity whom they don't follow that much, they take the chance to do the picture - because it is a free pass. 

Also, thanks to the Internet, people throng social websites like Google+ and Facebook to catch the photos shared by the Celebrities' fan pages dedicated to doing just one thing - sharing photos taken by Celebrities. But there is something new that caught my smartphone eye this week. Instagram, the photo sharing mobile application and dozens of Instagram Celebrities! Not only celebrities, celeb photographers who click nice pictures of showbiz folks also are available in this avenue and they have a regular fan following already. But some celebrities haven't yet caught upto speed of this application, like they have posted only a very few pictures. Olympics has just ended but the number of photos of this event with Celebrities are still on the rise. There are also NBA Players on Instagram who regularly post pictures of themselves as written on this amazing article I encountered before writing this post on our very own Show Biz Blog! Way to find more glimpses of celebrities - has just been revealed!


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