Green fundraising helps to preserve nature

Nature has remained for a long time in its own phenomena but nowadays in order to develop high class infrastructure we have forgotten to maintain the nature's ecosystem. We changed the nature and created many artificial surroundings, which are just replicas of natural surroundings. When we go for a natural sightseeing, the experience which we get is totally different when compared to that of an artificial environment. We will feel entangled with the nature very easily while it takes a lot of time to adjust to a man made environment.

All nature lovers are trying to bring out the nature back by starting to cultivate all natural habitats. A nature fundraiser helps to bring the natural resources back. There are many ways to bring the natural ecosystem and for that we are in need of funds, so these nature fundraisers help to bring green ecosystem. There are lot of programs like cultural, sports, quiz and other extracurricular activities which help as fundraisers for schools. It not only educates the children about green ecosystem but also helps in preserving the environment. The green fundraising Refers to planting of samplings to arrest deforestation. All nongovernmental organizations and welfare associations should educate the people on the importance of trees and plants which play a vital role in protecting our green eco system.


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