Ken Jeong in Funny Christmas Video Ad

You may or may not be aware of who Ken Jeong is. He is a famous Hollywood comedian and also seen in the recently famous movie last year ‘Hangover’. He is now featuring in the funny Christmas video ad for Pepto Bismol followed by performances in all ads of the guerrilla ad train for the brand.

He brings the same funny side of himself to these ads and has made the funny Christmas video a hit. His performance in the ads is critical and now cannot be imagined without. The video is the first to come from the series of ads shot to follow. He is the main character with a few other random characters not so powerful.

The ads are for Pepto Bismol a medicinal drug for indigestion and diarrhea. Under indulgency is targeted in the ads by showing why no one need fear over indulging but instead just rely on Pepto Bismol.

Pepto Bismol is manufactured by Procter and Gamble the brand giant who also commissioned Publicis to develop ads for the brand. The drug mainly sells over chemists and stores in the United States and Canada. A doctor tested product, it does have to be prescribed by the doctor to consume as it is merely an over the counter drug.

Ken Jeong’s presence in the funny Christmas video ad and the others has added the humorous touch and quite a presence responsible for the ads being a hit.

About the product, if you suffer from indigestion often or diarrhea from over indulgence, it is time to pick up a strip or bottle of Pepto Bismol on your next trip to the chemist. Also, keeping it at your place may make for remedy in advance of an uncomfortable situation in the future be it on your part of your family members or kids.
The funny Christmas video talks about giving up under indulgence. The same is recommended this holiday season and starving yourself fearing indigestion will only give you acidity. Instead pop a tablet or spoon of Pepto Bismol after lunch or dinner and you will be fine.

Say Goodbye to Under-Indulgence This Holiday Season!


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