lostmydoggie.com is a scam

Loosing pets can be as heart breaking as loosing a close family member. Well its easier to find back your pet if your a high flying socialite like Paris Hilton because you and you well decked up pet dog get a lot of coverage on TV. But what of the rest of us lesser mortals? Groups and neighbourly support become your refuge which neither give a sure opportunity of finding your pet either.

In this world of Internet and social media, websites such as lostmydoggie.com become a widely used option. Many users have complained though that they got played by lostmydoggie.com scam. So those of you owners going through a tough period after a loss of a dear pet, beware of such websites. While you may freely sob "I lost my doggie", please do double check on the veracity of websites that claim to get you the best help in reclaiming your dog and life, in most cases.

Love your pet but know also that there are many who are willing to use any means to earn a quick buck even if it means trampling over some one else's emotions.


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