Be connected on the move

Times have changed when a businessman or a business house depended on mouth to mouth communication about their products. Advances in technology have brought about a radical change in the present system of marketing products and services. Cellit Mobile Marketing provides services to customers whether they are big or small business houses or stand alone business units in integrating their services and provide value to their customers. They help to provide solutions to connect with customers and also rope in new and potential parties to try out your products. Their list of clients who use their services is impressive. They have big clients like Readers digest Subway, Target, Case Stack, SAPA, Krystal, Chicago Tribune, Coca Cola, Crest, Nestle, HSBC etc in their kitty. They do their service with the help of statistics that help them to analyze and develop a tool set that is beneficial for your company specifically.

They have developed many revolutionary and simple applications by which the customers or the clients can take care of their own marketing propaganda. House4Cell is a tool which is designed to help home buyers. After the housing bubble everybody has turned out to be a cautious investor. Information is vital in this field before you make the buy or sell decisions. The customers now expect fast and reliable information in their finger tips that are accurate with the market sentiments. This makes the present tool a powerful application that makes the customer to upload photos of the property, track inquires, capturing leads for follow ups easier. If you are looking for such an application that can make your life easier, then just watch their demo video that is put up in the site. It shows how instant information can give you instant leads. So in net effect you can get a wide market for your properties that you want to put up for sale or when you are scouting for a new property.

Mobile marketing has come of age. With mobile campaigns and killer applications the power of mobile marketing has got bigger and more powerful. By implementing the world class innovations of mobile marketing from Celit you can transform your business and carry it to new heights. This application is a great boon for stores, bars and restaurants who want to make it big in this competitive world and forge ahead in business life successfully.


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